Shiloh Hills Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

The staff's commitment to our kids, and not just in their learning

The staff at Shiloh are dedicated to providing the loving care and direction this student body so desperately needs. The teachers and support staff all understand that helping these students grow is so much more than teaching them how to test. They teach them life skills. They care deeply.

The teachers!

The teachers at Shiloh are some of the best in my eyes! I am impressed with their dedication and desire to help the kids. They care about each child and try to help each one to the best of their abilities.

Great teachers, good communication with parents, great learning atmosphere.

I love the teachers my children have been blessed with; wonderful engaging teachers. The school has set up a wonderful way to communicate with parents and students. The school has a homey feel that sets up a great learning environment.

Family special events

I feel like Shiloh is doing a better job bringing the school 'family' together through fun events. Over the years, I have seen more events scheduled, and almost always, those events are very well attended. I love this. I think it's important to offer them, to connect with families on a different level.


School staff are great at communication. We as parents get phone calls, emails, weekly communication from some teachers, and there are frequent updates on the school's website and Facebook page.

Things to Improve

Lunchtime expectations

I struggle with the kids having to sit quietly during lunch, at their desks, and watch a movie. Having time in the cafeteria (or gym), to visit while eating, then run out to recess when they are done (instead of waiting for the whole class) would be so beneficial. Social and physical development.

Student respectfulness

I am seeing an increasing number of students be verbally rude or disrespectful to staff with no consequences. We seem to excuse away these unacceptable behaviors with the excuse of trauma. Personally, no child has a right to be blatantly disrespectful to an adult no matter what.

Tone down the testing

I am hoping that there is a national change coming with the amount of state testing our students are required to complete. It is WAY too much as it is right now, and as teachers we are not able to get through all of our grade-level standards due to the amount of time the testing requires.

Teacher workload

Teachers are overwhelmed with the workload and demands being placed on them. New curriculum, CCSS, TPEP, student behavior issues, lack of support, and lack of resources and basic supplies. Everything adds up to a daunting future in a teacher's career. How can the district better support teachers?

Physical activity

Children have little opportunity to be active during their school day. Somehow they need to move more and sit less, even during classes.

Other Thoughts Shared

Ethnic backgrounds

I see a lot of different ethnic backgrounds in your school and have not noticed any problems. The schools my son previously attended were not as welcoming as Shiloh. This impresses me a great deal because of the morals I've tried to teach my son. There is no racism in our house and none at Shiloh.

Special needs child

Having a special needs child, that takes up tons of energy and requires lots of attention at school, has been such a positive experience with Shiloh Hills and their staff. They always accommodate his needs, allow him to learn in unconventional ways, and show him positive attention. Always.

Upgrading the school

I think that the school could use more windows and more lighting. It is very dark inside the school building. Sunshine is a great pick me up for the mind.

More classrooms

When we first moved into the school zone, we were told my son's grade level was full and he would be bussed to another school. I don't think kids living within the zone for that particular school should have to be bussed out. And I know some classes are larger, so maybe we can have more classrooms.


I appreciate the effort that the school district is making to align elementary curriculum across the district. This has a very positive effect on students who move during the school year and levels the playing field between schools.











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