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Things People Appreciate


I love that the kids are so accepting of each other. In a small school it would be easy to go off by yourself and retreat but RA isn't set up for that. I like the required teamwork aspect of the school.

Creative critical thought process

I am very impressed with the growth I have seen in the students in terms of critical thought process; the correlation between having an idea and seeing it evolve from hypothesis to actual possibility. How did we get from A to B, and how can we improve upon that even more, seems to be a great theme.

Alternatives in schooling

Mead has done a great job offering different ways for students and families to obtain an education. M.E.A.D., Riverpoint Academy, and Northstar all provide different ways for kids to learn.

Curriculum is great

The context of the curriculum students are learning is applicable to daily life. My daughter feels as if she is spending her time at school learning things that will benefit her now, and in the future.

Fostering independent thought

My son is instructed, but he is also allowed to work independently. This has been a great learning process for him.

Things to Improve

In relation to college readiness

The importance of following a syllabus in college, and how critical writing skills are, when navigating one's way through exams and term papers etc. It is my concern that the students may not be getting enough written experience to be prepared, as so much emphasis is placed on the technology.


Although they are in high school, some kids don't pass important information home to us parents. I try to stay on top of important matters, yet sometimes I find the deadline has passed, or it's coming up and there may now be a late fee, such as an SAT seating.

Post secondary school counseling for the parents as well

I would like to know how RA is helping my child prepare. Are they encouraging them to be realistic in their choices or letting them dream big? Are they just offering help on college essays, or are the kids really getting the help the need with that?

Concepts don't seem to be actualized

Our observation is that while the concept is great, putting those concepts into practice seems to be lacking.

Parent access to current projects and grades

I received an invitation from one teacher to be allowed to view what my student is working on, however, I'm not sure on grades or current projects that are being done. Its difficult to rely on input from your child only.

Other Thoughts Shared

A great experience

I cannot say enough good things about RA. My son has completely changed his idea of school. He wants to go to school, to do his work, and to be a part of Team RA. This has been a blessing for our family. RA has eliminated much of the stress in our household in relation to my son and high school.

Code Classes?

My son has always been interested in computers, however, I had no idea where to get him programming classes. RA has surprised me yet again!

Parent participation

With my experiences over the last year I appreciate the fact that you are now asking for parent input. The Mead School District as a whole has started down the right path of communication, but it still needs more transparency with policies, and letting the truth be known about all situations.

Our school district has a great reputation

If we want to stay on top of our reputation, we need to evolve with industry and the times.


His teachers are amazing. They have found a way to engage my son and keep him engaged. I cannot thank you all enough.











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