Northwood Middle School

Things People Appreciate

Positive extracurricular activities

Most students like having the option to do something constructive after school. I'm thankful that extracurricular activities are a mixture of social time, learning/improving on a skill, leadership training, and fun.

I love the environment created at Northwood

This is our third child to go through Northwood. Each of them has loved being there. The teachers are enthusiastic and take a genuine interest in their students. It really is a great place to be.


This lets parents see what's going on in class from a grading perspective. Is it perfect and does it show the whole picture? Of course not. But it can give a snapshot without causing extra work for the teacher.

Mead School District's commitment to maintain the arts programs

I believe the arts are a fundamental part of a complete education.

I like the teams for 7th graders

Teams are great because the same group of teachers know all of the same students and can share ideas and be advocates for special needs. It also allows the kids to get to know a smaller group of kids really well, instead of a mix of a whole bunch of kids.

Things to Improve

Our schools will improve if we focus on character as well as academics

I am convinced that education without character development leads to an attitude of self- centeredness.

Continue to promote math and science

I am a college teacher and I see many students who cannot pursue their dreams because they have poor preparation in math.

Offer electives that reflect trends in STEM fields

It's never to early to hook kids with computer coding games, graphic design, etc.

Pay attention to the amount of standardized tests and reduce time spent

Kids should not be test taking machines and teachers should not have to teach to the test. There is a richness to learning that is lost in all the testing.

Maintain communication between all involved

Parents and teachers, teachers and students, etc. These communication lines need to be kept open and active to keep all up-to-s,date and informed without issue surprises, or inaccurate assumptions being made.

Other Thoughts Shared

Northwood parent transition

In June, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a 6th grade parent transition meeting. That was a great help for parents new to middle school.

Teachers, staff, and administrators, model character and leadership

They set a good example and maintain high expectations of students transitioning from a single classroom to a rotating schedule. They uphold the two pillars of student development: challenge and support.

Positive environment

In my experiences thus far, staff have been more than helpful, and always pleasant. The environment is a positive one and promotes success.

Thanks for providing Open House!

We are parents of a 7th grader. Middle school is completely new to us. We really liked being able to come to school early to pick up schedules and locker combinations, and we were happy to attend Open House a few weeks into the school year. Teachers were great at informing us of their expectations.

Sports and music

It is wonderful to have so many opportunities for the kids to participate in music and sports. My child takes full advantage of both of these, and we love how well-rounded she is becoming.











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