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Things People Appreciate

I feel that my son goes to school in a safe and caring environment

With everything you see across the country it is scary to think that school may not be a safe place. Mead schools always have the safety of students and staff considered. It always appears to be a safe place to send my child.

Appreciate the amazing programs available for our kids

Marching band, music (band, choir, etc.), sports, clubs, drama; all wonderful, winning programs! Very happy our kids have access to these amazing opportunities!

Zero tolerance for bullying is one of the most important values a school

can have. It not only keeps kids safe, it also eliminates distractions. Bullying, fights, and hazing, distracts kids from learning. When kids are living in fear, they cannot focus on learning.

School pride

The whole community of staff, students, and parents show pride in the school district. That supports the foundation that education is important and encourages our youth to excel in whatever excites them.

Culture of leadership

The culture from top down is amazing. The attitude at the school seems to be very positive. The energy, enthusiasm, and overall positive vibe is spreading like a whirling dervish. Keep it up!

Things to Improve

Options for different learning styles, interests, and opportunities

Students today need to be able to experience their education similarly to how the world is working. This post-industrial era is pushing new and exciting ways to work, learn, grow, and see the world, yet we continue to educate under a model that still resembles the factory mind set of 50 years ago.

It seems to me we need to streamline testing and the time devoted to it

It has destroyed the rhythm of education. It is not an accurate measure and actually limits the effect we have on student learning.

Emphasize "real-world" skills

Young people need to learn how to navigate in the modern world of employment, communicating with others, and personal finance. More integration of these topics and experiences, in middle school and high school, so students are equipped with some practical tools for navigating our modern world.

Continue to provide access time where students can interract with their

teachers, get help on things they don't understand, and allow them to catch up so that they don't get left behind. When a student doesn't understand the curriculum, they are set back and cannot continue until they do understand. They need this extra time with teachers, one on one.

I wish there was a way to constructively review teachers

Occasionally, there is a class where it is apparent that a large number of kids are struggling or have similar feedback. I found it difficult to navigate this as a parent, in a way that doesn't make my child or the teacher look bad, which makes it easier to do nothing and wait it out.

Other Thoughts Shared

Common Core. I'm not going to lie. I hate it

It's very frustrating for students to get the correct answer but get it marked wrong because they didn't use the 'common core approved' process/steps. It just doesn't seem to support different ways of thinking/learning. Kids process information differently. That should be supported, not stifled.


Mt. Spokane is home to some of the finest educators in the world. I will echo what I have already said; they deserve recognition and praise because they are that good. Do not forget to appreciate them!

College preparation tab on homepage

It would be great to have a separate tap on the home page to accumulate all the college prep information needed to help guide our students all the way, from Freshman to Senior. College visits, upcoming test dates, financial clinics, scholarships available, etc.

Traffic congestion at pick-up time

Traffic flow at pick-up time is horrible. I think that parents should be allowed to use the teacher's parking lot during this brief time, just to disperse the number of cars concentrated in one area.

We would appreciate an emailed (or mailed) newsletter

To be more connected with the school, it would be great if there was a newsletter (either weekly or monthly) that highlights the major calendar events, deadlines (such as senior photos), and awards/accomplishments of the kids. A lot of this information is scattered on different web pages.











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