Midway Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Parent volunteers

I appreciate the amount of parent volunteers at our school. I believe it builds a real sense of community and is beneficial to all involved.

Midway teachers are invested

The teachers that offer more acceptance and patience get the best results out of our children. I have seen both types and I am happy to say that the majority operate this way. In 9 years worth of classroom participation I have only had 1 year of dissappointment. We appreciate the teachers SO much.

Open policy

I like that the parents are encouraged to have lunch with their kids whenever they can make it. It's organized chaos in the lunch room but it's a well oiled machine.

The community of Midway is outstanding!

The staff, parents, and students at Midway are the perfect example of a community that makes everyone feel welcome. Like the FISH philosophy, Midway is a fun place to be; therefore, it is a great place to learn.


All the teachers that I have dealt with have been great about getting back to me when I have contacted them. I feel like there is good communication between the classroom teacher and parents.

Things to Improve

We can continue to focus on learning, but take the focus off of testing

Data can be helpful in determining where we go next, but it has become the entire conversation rather than just one thread. We are losing the focus of a well-rounded education for a data-driven machine that tries to put every child into a cookie cutter mold.

Consider security risks

As a parent, this is my single most important concern. We are naive to think that our worst nightmare (ie: school violence) can't happen in our school district.

Communication with parents about school assemblies, fire drills, etc.

Children don't always offer a lot of information about their day. Teachers share classroom details but I don't know what was said at the assembly on bullying? What was said during the lockdown drill? Part of my job as a parent piggybacks a discussion about these topics when they happen.

Support regular education teachers whom have special needs students

This allows the teacher to actually teach to the class while the paraprofessional can relay the teachers information to the special needs student. With support for behaviorally challenged students, this makes the classroom a much safer and more comfortable place for all the students to learn.

Consistent support

I respect and value the zero tolerance policy in place to prevent any type of bullying. However, I feel that is touched upon only at the beginning of the year and then not again until someone is specifically targeted. Consistently remind them of what it looks like to build character and stand up for people.

Other Thoughts Shared

Quality teachers

The teaching staff of any educational institution either make or break the organization. Thank you for striving to hire quality teachers who take teaching seriously. Please maintain that standard as you hire new teachers and as you evaluate the ones who have been with the organization a long time.

Mead for the future of education

I hope that Mead is preparing for the next generation of learners; kids that need to have STEM and computer science in their educational background in order to take on the next generation of jobs.

Great programs

I love the sports and music programs and other afterschool activities and clubs that are available in our district. I love the school sponsored sports in grades 4-6 and that all kids can participate.

Sub shortage

This has a huge impact on teachers. We are forced back from meetings, come to school ill because no sub is available, or are unable to take assessment days. We need qualified teachers. Substitutes need to be able to teach everything that I would if I were at school; reading, Eureka, etc.


I worry about the district's ability to keep up with the amount of homes being built in our area. Part of the appeal of our district is lower class size. I don't see that happening. Also what about keeping up with the other districts and full day kindergarten?











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