Meadow Ridge Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Emails from teachers

I appreciate getting weekly emails from the teachers that summarize what the kids have been learning, and what to expect for upcoming homework.

Character development

I appreciate the fact that the school is actively talking about what it means to have good character and recognizing students for exhibiting those characteristics. I love the focus on positive expectations and support of those expectations.


I think that Meadow Ridge has done an amazing job with keeping the students safe. Securing the doors and windows was great. They also do a great job having parents and volunteers sign in and out at the office. The principal is visual to all parents and students each morning.

Teachers and staff

I love the teachers and staff at Meadow Ridge! I believe that they are kind and compassionate and they seem to really love their jobs. This makes school a much brighter, more fun and secure place for our kids, and I love that!

I appreciate the art and music programs that are available

I think that art and music are incredibly important for kids and I appreciate that these programs are still available at Meadow Ridge.

Things to Improve

Continue to put students first, providing intervention to those who need it

and challenging those who need that. Provide teachers with appropriate teaching tools to meet students' needs, including technology to enhance their teaching, and technology to prepare our kids for 21st century learning.

Common Core

Are parents finding it difficult to help with their kid's Common Core math homework? Are kids finding Common Core helpful or frustrating? How do teachers and administrators feel about Common Core math?

Less testing and more instructional time

We have great and talented teachers that have to spend a lot of time conducting tests and assessments. I understand the need for data and records of student improvement, but how many tests a year is necessary for that information? Could time be more well spent on learning?

This is a simple thing, but longer lunch

Sharing a meal is such an important part of being a human and it really bothers us that they have 10 minutes to eat. I know they can go to the "away" table, but that means skipping recess, so that's not going to happen. Also, they are told to always be quiet. Again, not community or real life.

Smaller classes

Teachers are asked to work with too many kids with a wide variety of needs from behavioral to academic. The rooms are crowded, and because of the numbers, teachers can't impact the learning of all students to the same degree. I know that this is an expensive change, but aren't all kids worth it.

Other Thoughts Shared

Focusing on what children are doing well

I appreciate that the school focuses on character as well as academics. It helps develop the child as a whole.

I enjoy being able to work in my child's class room

This opportunity allows me to interact with the teachers and the other students who make an impact in my child's life.

Wonderful school, but terrible parking lots

The parking lots and pick up and drop off locations are terrible for so much traffic. I wish there was a better system with polite parents.

Involving and supporting the community

The activities like the Veteran's Concert, Donuts with Family, Tree of Sharing, etc. are important to the children, families, and the community.

Need to address more respect between kids

Meadow Ridge is the second elementary school that we have attended in Mead. We have had more instances and problems with kids being mean, exclusive, and bullying there than the other school. My kids generalize their fellow students as mostly mean and most don't care about other people.











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