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Things People Appreciate

Healthy lunch offerings

I have been so pleased with the integration of local, healthy produce in our school lunches! Keep it up!

High expectations and high levels of support

The Mead staff has high expectations for student learning and achievement, as well as behavior and citizenship. The staff is also getting better at providing flexible and personalized approaches for those students who need extra support to meet such high expectations.

Mead School District offers high quality extracurricular activities

Many of our students are involved in extracurricular activities and there are numerous options. This allows students to explore a variety of areas of potential interest. They are also more likely to experience success in facets of their education.

The team approach to helping kids is working well in schools

The talent and skills brought by a diverse group of professionals gives our students the best chance to succeed. Team building is essential to keeping this process productive and efficient.

Innovative teachers with a passion to teach

It is easier for kids to learn from a teacher that is excited to teach. Energy creates energy.

Things to Improve

Pursue non-traditional ways to teach

While many students learn quite well in a traditional school setting, it is proven that non-traditional teaching methods are also valuable. With that in mind, research all avenues of teaching, and don't be afraid to try new methods. Keep up with changes.

To continue to improve school safety for our students and staff

It is important to me because there seems to be more and more incidents across the United States.

One way to improve our schools is to hire quality employees

Quality teachers, paraeducators, and office staff are important to every school district. Let's make Mead a step above other districts. Hire quality staff and pay a competitive wage for all employees, not just teachers.

Vocational training and preparation

Our kids lack the basic skills to access the world of work. Our kids lack the social skills needed to maintain jobs and healthy relationships. We are in need of vocational prep classes such as Career Focus for on the job training opportunities for all kids.

College is important, but there are other avenues to success

Mead is very focused on students who are ready to go to a 4 year college, but I'd like to see more programs that assist students in learning a trade. Bring back autoshop, woodshop, sewing, and a life skills class that teaches banking, how to apply for a loan, etc. Not all kids will go to college.

Other Thoughts Shared

I am really proud that are community passed the spring bond and levy

The overwhelming support from our community shows how much parents and community members value public education in Mead. Because of such support, Mead will continue to serve students well. We also will not rest on our laurels; rather, we will continue to improve and grow as a leader in our state.

The need for paraeducator support

I would encourage Mead School District to look at the rate of pay, benefits, etc, that paraeducators are, or are not, recieving. This will better reflect the vital role that they play in daily operations of a school building, and maintaining the sustainability and quality of educational programming.

Kid/student involvement

One of the reasons Mead is a great place for kids is that we have so many things for kids to be involved in; sports, music, art, drama, orchestra, band, etc. Kids, parents, and employees are very involved and active with each other.

Professional Development

It seems like teachers and other staff could always use more training to continue their education. Learners make the best teachers.

Changing demographic

Our student demographic is changing and I worry that we are not prepared to meet these different needs.











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