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Things People Appreciate

Setting high standards

We can't reach or exceed expectations if there are never any set! I appreciate the standards of conduct that have been placed on the students; no swearing, limiting pda, tolerating people's differences. I want my kids to be challenged to be the best that they can be, now, and into the future!

I appreciate the teachers responding to emails or concerns

Every time that I have ever emailed a teacher or coach for information, they have always responded quickly, and were very nice and helpful. That is great and I appreciate it.

Celebration and recognition across ALL departments

I appreciate that students are more regularly being recognized for their academic achievements, as well as their achievements in the arts. We are more than simply a school that churns out athletes and I am glad our social media is beginning to reflect that reality.


I am able to check my child's progress weekly and, with the exception of one class, the data is always up-to-date. This has helped my student be responsible about ensuring her work is submitted in a timely manner. Last year in middle school many teachers were chronically behind in Power School.

Variety of course offerings for students at the higher end of the spectrum

There are many course paths for students interested in science, math, art, music, language, engineering, medical, etc

Things to Improve

Bring back some of the life skills classes!

Why should students have to give up their summer to learn valuable skills like cooking, woodshop, etc? These are skills that would serve them well in life AND beginning jobs.

Keep standardized testing time to a minimum and maximize learning time

The main purpose of education is to teach, but recently the focus on measuring student progress has eclipsed that.

A real life class with the fundamentals of economics

More often than not, children get out of high school without real knowledge of how the economy works. In most cases neither do their parents. I think children should have a good understanding of how their education is not only important to graduate, but also how it affects the economy of their future.

Career exploration

I'd like to see more opportunities for students to learn about careers, whether through speakers coming into school or students job shadowing. Related to that, I'd like them to learn how to interview and build a strong resume.

College bound kids need more attention

We'd like to see more personal attention (not group) paid to helping kids find and get to the college they'd like to attend. Help them find scholarships, explore possible places, even possible majors.

Other Thoughts Shared

This survey

This expresses a desire by the district to be open to 'public' opinion and shows an admirable quality to at least listen to the input! Even if one's comments or thoughts are deemed useless, they can know that they were at least 'heard' before being dismissed. Way cool. Thank-you.

Tout what is going on!

There are so many amazing things happening in this district; sports, plays, concerts, etc, but finding the time and date information is not centrally located. I often find out about events after the fact from a social media post. Encourage that these events are for the MEAD community, not only the school.

Mead High School is considering dismantling the band program through funding cuts

This program, and the kids, deserve equal opportunity through equal funding.

Security/safety policies appreciated

I appreciate the efforts being taken for single point of entry at our schools for the protection of our students. I also appreciate the process of putting pictured drivers liscenses in a computer data base for the safety of our students.

Most teaching staff are excellent

My son has had an excellent learning experience from the majority of the teachers that he has had thus far during his high school career. He is presently a junior. Most have been high-quality teachers who know their subject matter, teach effectively, and truly care about teaching their students.











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