Five Mile Prairie and North Star Schools

Things People Appreciate

Variety of classes

Great variety of classes with both boys and girls in mind. I appreciate classes that we cannot do at home like drama and physical education classes.

Ability to customize learning

As a parent, I am able to customize the learning for each of my children, using methods and curriculum to reach them in their strengths and weaknesses. As an instructor, the small class sizes allow me to customize learning within the class I teach as well.

Very nice balance between home and school

Thank you for providing an option for homeschooling in the public education sector. This is a wonderful resource, especially for new homeschooling families.

You have some stellar teachers!

All of them, even the "non-certificated" teachers, are great! They know what they are teaching, they are able to convey to the students what they should, and they run their class nicely. I greatly appreciate that!

Dedicated teachers

Living nearby my home school, I see teachers working into the evenings and many Saturdays and Sundays. I hear teachers excited about what they are teaching. But more important, I see children loving their teachers and loving learning in spite of the extreme academic demands. Teachers love their kids.

Things to Improve

Engage in more hands-on science and learning activities

My children get a lot of verbal teaching with taking notes, and get lost in elementary classes.

Stop the insanity of over testing our children

The creative thinking process is being replaced, and children are becoming stressed due to excessive testing. Dedicated teachers are burning out, students are exhausted. Record keeping is replacing creative thinking. New curriculum is continually being adopted, with teachers barely able to become fluent.

Progress meetings

The reporting is becoming tedious. I understand that we have state auditors to deal with, but details like how we improved each month in P.E. is laborious. We are mostly home educated; we walk, run, play tag, basketball, hike, etc. These areas are not so easy to quantify.

Keep advocating for choice education

Mead Partnership Program does an excellent job advocating for their students and families. Mead School District does an outstanding job supporting that.

Make sure the staff have what they need to be successful in the class room

The staff need room and materials; a place where they do not have to break down everything after each class.This is time-consuming and makes extra work for the staff. The staff already go above and beyond.

Other Thoughts Shared

Step into homeschooling

When I considered homeschooling at first, I was concerned I would not be able to do it (setting a structure, choosing the curriculum, putting school education into practice). The staff at MEPP has provided counsel and support to initiate the process, and continue successfully so far.

My experience as a parent at 5 Mile has been overwhelmingly positive

My family has been a part of the school going on nine years. We have loved the flexibility of the program, along with the structure added by seeing the same teacher on a weekly basis in grade school, and then moving onto middle school, that fosters student growth and independence.


I think that very soon Northstar needs to consider a larger building. It is difficult for kids to concentrate when there is so much noise around.

We love Friday classes

My daughters love their Friday extracurricular classes. They look forward to them all week long. I appreciate the variety of classes that are offered. By attending these classes my children have been able to experience several types of activities that they may not have been able to do otherwise.


We are very happy with our experience at North Star. We value the relationships that have been made with other families, teachers, and staff, etc. The classes are high quality, and my children have benefited, learning from a wide variety of instructors and teachers.











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