Evergreen Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Skill groups

I appreciate how skill groups are formed for reading and math. This gives our son an opportunity to excel at his high level of thinking. We value the diversity of learning.

Emphasis on reading!

Reading is so foundational in education. I appreciate the attention it gets at Evergreen. I love that students are rewarded for reading. I think it's neat that community members come to school during lunch to read with kids. I love that the main part of nightly homework is reading.

Academics, support for teachers and staff, maintenance of our facilities

We're here for the success of our kids, bottom line. Providing resources to that end are critical. Teachers are on the front lines. They need our unwavering support, financially and in terms of Professional Development, and classroom resources. Our facilities look great and are performing. Let's keep that up.

The focus on individual strengths

To focus on strengths is positive; reward for good behavior and recognition for a job well done. Each of my kids have different things that they are good at; one is social and loves to read and the other is great at math and loves art projects. Positive reward, positive outcome.

Evergreen music

Thank you for the quality music program at Evergreen and throughout the district. We currently participate in elementary orchestra, which we love. We also appreciate the amazing Christmas concerts that we get to be involved in at Evergreen.

Things to Improve

Keep classroom size manageable

It allows teachers to adequately address students' needs and creates an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Continue to evaluate how and what we communicate to families

We have great things happening at Evergreen. It sometimes seems that those who are "in the know", or have been there for several years, know what is happening, but those who are new to the school do not.

School safety

As a parent I have seen how easy it is to simply walk into all schools in the Mead district. In light of the school violence I would hope that the MSD would be more vigilant and improve the safety and security within the schools, not just with procedures, but with a visible security/police presence.

Get rid of the common core worksheets

I am all for different methods of learning and teaching, but I find it hard to help my child with math worksheets when there is no supporting instructions so that I can figure out how they are presenting the problem. The methods are often cumbersome and time- consuming.

Offer more robust options for highly capable students

Many students find the common core very basic and are not challenged. Quest is not robust enough to place our highly capable students at the same level as their peers in other communities. So much focus is placed on low performance it's hard not to believe we are teaching to the test.

Other Thoughts Shared

Evergreen has caring teachers that want what is best for kids

Evergreen teachers and all staff members truly care about kids and want what is best for them. On a day to day basis, I see staff members going above the normal call of duty to help kids.

Opportunities outside of the classroom

Appreciated are those resources and extracurricular activities that are available through the Mead School District. From the extra assistance through Title One programs, to the music, sports and academic clubs.

Mead is one of the top districts!

I'm proud to say our family is a member of the Mead district. They provide top notch education for our kids. There is intentionality and attention to detail. The results are successful students! Keep up the good work.

Children with disabilities are well respected and treated with dignity

I have a special needs child and I have had nothing but an excellent experience with both staff, paraeducators, and children alike. I really appreciate the ability to have my daughter have a one on one aid. District 81 doesn't offer this. This is a huge advantage for Mead district as a whole.

Building character

Reinforcing kids good behavior for responsibility, respectfulness, etc, is teaching them lifetime values that society could really use.











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