Colbert Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Continual assessment and feedback through the school year

I appreciate the continual monitoring of progress toward learning targets throughout the school year and communication with parents about areas of struggle or confidence. Also, providing parents and guardians the opportunity to share their thoughts and struggles in supporting their students is helpful.

Holiday celebrations

I enjoy that my children are able to celebrate with their friends and learn about holidays at school.

Positive learning environment

We continue to experience the teachers, administrators, staff and volunteers at Colbert as positive and encouraging. This warmth, combined with structured classrooms and teachers who are serious about education, create a positive learning environment.

I really appreciate that weekly, my students have library, PE, and music

I feel it is important to include these programs to help my children be well rounded in their education.

Switch this year to recess before lunch

Our students are eating more of their lunches and are able to settle down before being ready to learn in the afternoon. Our children have also stated that they like this change.

Things to Improve

Extra help for those students who need it but don't qualify for it

There is a gap in the middle where needs aren't getting met for students who clearly struggle and can't keep up with the class, yet don't qualify for special assistance. These students are getting left behind.

Excessive Homework

I would love to limit the time my children spend on homework to a maximum of 1 hour per night. Their brains need rest and fresh air.

Integration of technology in our instruction

Our students must be computer literate to meet their needs in the future. This would relate to use of technology as a tool and use of technology to enhance learning. There is a concerted effort by a number of teachers to address this need.

Dump common core

As with everything in education, this is all about money somewhere. So much of it doesn't make sense and is not age appropriate. Abstract thinking is a higher order thought process and young children are not developmentally ready. They need concrete and structured methods.

Departmentalization / content specialization

The 6th grade model has produced consistent growth and increased scores. Providing your educators the opportunity to specialize in a particular content area allows for deeper content knowledge and more effective and intentional delivery. This could/should be a viable option in other grade levels.

Other Thoughts Shared

School lunches

This entire system needs to be restructured. The food is bad and lunch counts in my class have steadily declined. Too much cost for packaged food. Also three lunch choices that I have to count each day? Dumb.

Staff are overworked and underpaid

I feel that our staff has been absolutely amazing through some very stressful times. What our state and country is putting our educators through, I feel, is absolutely ridiculous, and it trickles down to our kiddos. Our teachers are overworked and underpaid.


I believe that there are too many state tests causing a lot more anxiety and stress to our kiddos in elementary school. We are losing focus.

Teachers that truly care and meet the student where they are

Whether a student has an IEP and needs specialized help, or one who needs more challenging work, the teachers do a great job of seeing where they are at and then working to meet those needs.

Student recognition

Colbert does a great job of recognizing students for their achievements. Not only are students recognized for academic excellence but also for improvement in character.











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