Brentwood Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Continued focus on positive behavior expectations in our school

Specifically teaching our students the expectations around school, instead of assuming they know what is expected, has proven very successful. We are building our students intrinsic motivation to do what is right by "catching them" following our expectations around school.

Offering specialty programs after school such as Extreme Science

After school programs, such as this, expand a child's ability to learn more in a specialized curriculum. Allowing a 'deeper dive' into subjects that a teacher does not have time to cover in great depth is great exposure for my child. I would love to see more of these offerings outsourced in subjects.

Emphasis on character building

It's part of the culture and the students' identity. The framework for treating themselves and others well is important, and hopefully something they take with them as they journey on in life.

Specific communication

The "green folder" that is sent back and forth daily is a great way for parents to stay informed of classroom specifics and individual student progress. We also really appreciate the weekly newsletters from our student's teacher.

Value on art

I appreciate that Brentwood has continued to give kids some art experience in class, with parent volunteers.

Things to Improve

Allow the teachers more independence

We have wonderful teachers at Brentwood. They are the real strength of the school, but it sometimes seems they are being held back by the administration. I understand that some of this comes at a district level, however, school leadership needs to trust the teachers enough to let them do their jobs.

Having foreign language studies in younger grades

Study after study suggests that learning a second language, while young, has numerable positive returns for the brain, the child's awareness, and for society. Even a small amount of exposure could go a long way. Let's begin in kindergarten!

Math Specialist

Common Core math is a very hot-topic issue. Parents and children are struggling. I suggest that the school hire a Math Specialist or have math homework tutoring after school. This would help alleviate so many tears and so much frustration at home.

Reduce formal assessments

Most teachers will tell you that they can informally assess their students without the added stress of direct testing. We suggest having fewer formal assessments. If you must test, those tests should then impact instruction. We haven't seen results applied to instruction.

Better communication with parents about their children

It would be good to hear about academic and behavior issues when they are first beginning, instead of after they have been going on for weeks and have become a more serious problem.

Other Thoughts Shared

Class size

The sheer amount of students in a class is overwhelming. Mead District needs to put a lower cap on students in the classroom. I would suggest 23 students maximum. I know that my sons come home with unanswered questions where the teacher did not have time to get to them. This is not okay.

The academic and support staff are always professional and courteous

It makes you feel that your children are in good hands.

My experience

I have had a very positive experience with Brentwood thus far. I have always felt that my daughter has been cared for and treated like a person, not a number on a page. The work has been appropriate and helpful for her, and her teachers have shown a real passion for what they do.


I feel that our district as a whole is behind in technology. We have this stigma about being in "Mead" but our students don't even have the computers to take tests on. I know this is a long term plan but it is a little crazy how out of date we are on this.

Faith in God

Mead School District does not shame children for having faith in God. They are free to express their faith and should always be free to live their lives as believers. No faith should be taught in school like many school districts are doing.











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