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Your Concerns

Help students create a vision of their future

Explore ideas of different careers.

School/classroom size

As schools get larger it gets harder for teachers to connect with kids on a personal level. It's easier for kids to get lost in the crowd.

Teaching goal setting and positive mental attitude

This is often a tough time for students to get through. These skills are vital as they move forward in a positive direction.


I think our kids are over tested. They should be applying more knowledge to hands-on aspects instead of going through so much testing. I personally think it is a waste of their time and the teachers.


I don't know what other category to include this in but must say that the school-to-home communication is severely lacking! The "open house" offered was not an open house at all, yet a curriculum night. Conferences are only offered on Wednesday mornings. We have yet to see a newsletter or updates come home.

You Appreciate

I like that Northwood Middle School divides students into groups such as Watershed

This to me would make Northwood feel smaller than it is, something that I would have liked going from elementary school to middle school. I would have had an easier time identifying with a familiar group of kids even if I didn't know all of them.

Teachers giving their lunch time to students

Thank you for doing this. Time and repetition help a student learn and grow, which happens when a teacher does that before school, at lunch, and after school.

It is obvious that the teachers at Northwood are passionate about what they do

Middle school is such a influential time and these kids need teachers who love teaching, love the middle school atmosphere, and are passionate about how to connect with this age. The teachers at Northwood that we have encountered so far are just that!

Keep job shadow day!

I love job shadow day! I'd like to see 7th graders participate as well. Great practical experience and a chance to see if a career would be a good fit or not.

Some teachers are trying new ways to bring information to students

Students today like having information provided through technology. Teachers who embrace technology (appropriately) have better engagement than those who continue to teach from a book and worksheets.

Learning Opportunities

Opting out of PE for student athletes should be easier

To allow more academic flexibility for those students that participate in high school sports and club sports, opting out of PE should be easier or more readily available. This would allow students to take advantage of other academic electives and classes.

Public speaking.

Vocational and non-college career tracks

Every student will NOT go to college. We need to provide career paths in vocational areas with high needs - construction, service industries, etc. Accept the fact that college is not a requirement to be successful in life.

Learning opportunities for students currently not offered

Put back the 'home-economic' classes revised for today's lifestyles. Students need to learn about coping in life without a parent, how to cook, clean, manage money, job skills, etc.

Could we look into bringing foreign language to the middle school?

With the new graduation requirements placed on the 2020 grad year and beyond, it gives very little room for high schoolers to have extra electives. Is it possible to have the two year foreign language started or done in 7th & 8th grade to free up more opportunities once the kids hit high school?











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