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Your Concerns

Lack of access to teachers outside of school day

The loss of access time, with no attempts to replace it, is difficult. When students who are really struggling depend on the school bus and/or public transportation to come and go from school, they cannot get here early and cannot stay late. It creates a social justice issue for access.

Creative credit recovery opportunities for students

Core 24 will create a hardship for failing students as early as their freshman year; failing one class will put a student off-track for graduation. A systemic process needs to be implemented ASAP to help kids before they are in credit deficit.


The old classes from the 80s should be brought back. For instance, typing classes, home economics, auto mechanics, metal shop/welding, wood shop to name a few. Some students may only want to take one class, not three classes of these subjects. Students should be encouraged to take multiple formats of classes.

Lack of guidance in choosing classes

Because it is a large school, kids can get lost in the shuffle and their guidance counselors are too busy to really dig in and help them. There are good choices in classes, but hard to connect the dots for kids that are not as adept at being their own advocates.

I'm worried that we spend too much time preparing for standardized tests

teaching our kids to take tests well, versus teaching them. I feel it has provided stress among students, along with confusion, and is shortsighted.

You Appreciate

Focus on college

I like the subtle, yet obvious college push, that is part of everyday at MSHS. Since it has always been a part of my children's lives, I am glad it is part of their everyday life at high school. I appreciate the testing practice and college "visits" that is just worked into their day.

Believe the engineering classes offered are excellent exposure to STEM

The best paying jobs of today and the future require STEM. Early exposure to how science and math contribute to technological advancements and employment opportunities gives kids more reason to take these types of classes. Kids need to understand how they can apply their learned skills.

Mt. Spokane offers several CTE courses

I like that Mt. Spokane students can take engineering, prostart, digital photography, etc. This gives our kids several creative courses to choose from.

Teachers and staff at Mt. Spokane are wonderful

We have been so amazed at the teachers and staff at Mt. Spokane High School. They really do want each and every kid to have their own opportunity to succeed! It is truly appreciated. It creates a positive learning opportunity. This is extremely important to all the students!

Running Start is AWESOME!

The chance to do Running Start, and earn 2 years of college credits before you graduate, is amazing!

Learning Opportunities

Trades and hands-on experience

There is a big emphasis on AP classes and making "the list", but for some kids, college may not be the answer. By junior year, if kids are still struggling with their grades, there should be someone stepping in and pointing them to other options than college. It could be very encouraging.

Keep showing the many different ways to apply what they are learning

The learning process is much more fulfilling when you can visualize your end goal - where your education will eventually allow you to apply your knowledge in a very personally satisfying way.

SAT/ACT prep

These could be offered during school or after school a few days a week leading up to testing.

Middle school or high school life skills

Many kids don't get life skills like budgeting, money management, public speaking skills, career guidance, etc. It would be great to work some of that in, so we don't have kids graduating with no basic life skills to help them succeed at college or tech school or living on their own.

Computer science or programming classes would be a great option.











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