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Your Concerns

Computer skills

I think it would be great to have the opportunity to learn computer skills without being graded. Word processing, spreadsheets and such. The sooner these skills are learned, without the fear of failure, the better students will be at using them in high school and beyond.

I would like to see additional vocational opportunities

It would be a nice balance to have wood and metal shop, cooking, and other life skills classes offered. Some kids could benefit from vocational outlets.

Group projects can be a detriment to students

On several occasions our students have suffered on group projects. Sometimes by having to take up the slack and do the majority of the work, sometimes by getting a poor grade on the project due to the project partner's poor effort. Teachers may need to get more creative to make group projects fair.

Students need a variety of elective options

I would like to see options for specific languages (i.e. Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, etc.). Typing classes and even home economic type classes to teach cooking, sewing, etc. should be offered for life skills activities.


We have some difficulty with helping our child with math homework. We have no notes to go by so we can make sure that we are helping her correctly. We are concerned that we are showing her differently at home than what she might be learning at school. There are times we are lost in even how to help.

You Appreciate

Use of PowerSchool

I am finding the use of PowerSchool helpful in keeping up on my child's progress and appreciate the teachers' efforts in keeping this up to date.

Homework relief

Thank you to the entire Mountainside team for the homework relief this school year. It's definitely helped improve our evenings as a family!


We're new to Mountainside, but are already impressed with the caliber of teachers. Excellent instruction!

Access time

Providing access time for our students to interact with their teachers for extra help has proved to be very beneficial. Thank you, and please continue to offer this time.

Challenging, interesting, and fun

I think the teachers are doing a great job of engaging the kids, getting them interested, while teaching them skills and knowledge at the same time. Great job!

Learning Opportunities

What can be improved/added

I have heard many students say they wish there was a drama/theater program in middle school. Elementary gave them a venue in which they "found their voice/confidence" and thrived! However, there's a 2 year gap until high school for these students to continue to develop this talent, creativity, and passion.

Student driven elective choices at the middle school level

If a student registers for an elective every effort should be made to accommodate. Currently, band, choir, AVID and others are locked into their elective for the entire year, which prevents them from taking any STEM, art or other electives.

Bring back cursive writing

I just don't understand why we think our kids don't need to learn how to write in cursive. They do, and I know I am not alone in this thought.

Introductory computer coding class

Given the importance of computer science, it may be beneficial to offer an introductory computer coding class for those interested. My child is learning to code through various tools online, but I think there are benefits to learning how to code in a classroom setting with groups solving problems.

Field trips!

Field trips please! Get out in the world and explore! Plus I'd REALLY love to see more of the practical day to day topics starting to be taught at this age, like budgeting, good communication skills, etc. Skills they will need for life.











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