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Your Concerns

Ample learning opportunities for middle/high achieving students

We focus a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources on low students. Concern that our middle students are lost in the shuffle and that there is not enough diversification, opportunity and challenge for high students.

More choice in electives

I would like to see the students have more choice in which electives they sign up for. I think there are a variety of electives available, but it seems that they are chosen for the students, rather than allowing the student to choose what they are interested in for themselves.

We need more support in place for students with behavior issues

The classroom and learning for students who do not have behavior issues are being impacted.

Testing versus class time

Students are spending a great deal of time testing. It limits the time students have to master all of their learning objectives.

Not enough opportunity for students not on track for college

Every student is not going to go to college for one reason or another. There are students who struggle with the basics in English and math, yet we offer very few opportunities for them unless they qualify for special education. We need more blended type classes instead of just watching them struggle.

You Appreciate

Technology access

I love that there is both support for, and innovative training toward, technology. When students have access to the internet, teachers can utilize remarkable online programs and websites.

Afterschool activities

I really appreciate that there are so many activities available to students after school that are not sports related.

Staff members work hard to make schools safe and welcoming

It is important for students to feel wanted and safe at school.

Job skills training for students with special needs

It is so important that ALL our students leave school with the skills that will help them get a job. By offering job training and life skills classes we are opening up an entire lifetime of success to students who are the most challenged.

Band, orchestra & choir programs

The opportunities the Mead School District provides for elementary, middle and high school students in music are simply outstanding. It is expensive to provide these extracurricular opportunities but well worth the investment on multiple levels.

Learning Opportunities

Work experience: soft skills

Students need structured opportunities to practice soft skills such as interpersonal communication, business writing, responsibility and punctuality. Employers expect well rounded employees, and post secondary education can often fail to provide such experiences. Why not start teaching work ethics?

Foreign language at an earlier age.

Personal finance

So many students come out of high school not knowing how to balance a checkbook, whether it's advisable to open a credit card account, etc. These are life skills that all students should obtain, whether they are going to college or not.

Project based learning at all levels

The ability for students to learn math, reading, writing, science and history while working on a project that will help them in real life.

STEM courses in elementary school

Exposure to STEM fields at the elementary school level. Courses in science, technology, engineering and math, like the Summer camp offers, give students a different feel for learning. The Culinary camp was a big hit for elementary students also.











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