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Not enough outdoor play time!

Studies show that physical activity is vital to learning, but some days my kids tell me they have less than 20 minutes outside! I know there is a lot going on each day, but somehow there's got to be a way to give kids more time outdoors.

Not enough time in the day

There is so much to teach that it is hard to fit it all in and effectively teach everything. We end up having to pick and choose what is most important and move on, even if all students aren't ready.

Make learning fun

I am concerned that our students are being asked to sit for too long at a time. I would like them to have more opportunities for play. I know that students are able to learn while they play too.

I want to see learning opportunities for kids that are ahead or advanced in

their classrooms. I see extra help offered for those behind, but nothing for kiddos who are bored and need some more stimulation or some tougher work.

More after school STEM education opportunities

My kids would love to spend more time learning in these fields! And with a smaller group size they get more hands-on experience.

You Appreciate


The staff at Evergreen are always ready to help. I have always had a great experience with the teachers in regard to communication and experiences. Love the Homework Club!

Fitness, technology and the arts!

I appreciate how the Mead School District honors the "whole child" by continuing to provide time for the children to experience music, PE, and library tech every week with a specialist. I am thankful that the time for PE and music has been expanded to 60 minutes a week at the elementary level.

I like that kids are getting supervised computer time at such a young age

This is good because knowing how to use technology for learning is critical in this day and age.

I like that kids get broken up into small groups for math and reading

I like this because it gives kids who don't do well in big groups more one-on-one attention and a more focused opportunity to learn skills.

Variety in science

I really like the variety coming up in the science programs. Science is so important, and to have a strong foundation in it can mean a lifelong love of asking questions and looking for answers. Keep pushing the STEM options for these kids.

Learning Opportunities

Field trips and away-from-school opportunities are critical as well

Seems as if there just aren't as many field trips and off campus learning opportunities as there used to be. Being in the physical school building is healthy, of course, but I'd like to see more off-campus, hands-on experiences.

Volunteer experiences would be nice as well

I know that Evergreen participates in Generation Alive, and has for years. Love that! But what about other volunteer opportunities. I'd like to see the kids giving back to a greater extent. How about giving to the Guild School? The Red Cross? Maybe we could get our kids out in the community.

Technology based learning

At my school we have the resources (computers, websites, etc.) but getting the information seems impossible. I have to speak to 2 or 3 different people just to get computers and log in information for a group of 10. Then I might still not have the information. I can't teach them if I don't know how.

Self confidence

Anything that promotes self-confidence, high self-esteem, and teamwork oriented environments would be great. I know that they work on that, but it's something I struggle with for my, seeing more of it would be helpful.

Visual art specialists at the elementary level please!

Students get such a varied amount of visual arts instruction depending on the classroom teacher's knowledge, ability and time during the week. Some of my students who struggle academically would be the star students in art class if given the opportunity!











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