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Your Concerns

Too focused on 'standards'

Let's focus on the skills really needed to be successful and not on if a student can do long division or Common Core math. Problem solving, exploration, cause and effect, language/communication, basic math and lots of science. Kids need a chance to learn what they will implement in 15-20 years.

We have questions related to shop and other vocational agriculture programs

I understand that Mead offers no shop or other trade/hands-on teaching in the district. I am a very strong advocate of vocational agriculture and the ability for my children and other children to have access to this program in the future.

Kids need to move to learn

Limited recess and active time makes learning hard. More movement/recess makes for more attentiveness, faster learning and more success, and kids that love to learn versus kids who hate being cooped up. These kids need more activity and they would learn more, faster! Little people aren't made for sitting.

I wish for more opportunities for science to be integrated into learning

Outside of the 1-2 science units taught to each grade in K-3, I would love to see teachers integrating science into their units every month. It doesn't have to be deep or involve foss kits, but it could at least be a topic for a week of a lesson unit, or more specifically referenced to students.

Additional homework support or reading support for upper elementary grades

In our experience, some of the upper elementary grade students may need additional assistance in reading, homework/study skills. These skills are foundational for middle school and beyond.

You Appreciate

Positive learning environment

The whole feel of the school gives off a positive vibe, from the classrooms to the staff members. I appreciate that my child is encouraged to believe they are capable of meeting the challenge at hand, instead of frustrated beyond belief that they are incapable and don't have the necessary tools.

Christmas celebrations

I appreciate that they keep Christ in Christmas. I love that we are a traditional and conservative school district!

Access to PE, music, and library

I am so grateful the district has made an effort to provide elementary students with time each week in PE, music, and library. These programs were eliminated from schools in some areas of the country due to budget restraints. While they are "special," they also provide invaluable learning experiences.

Pledge of Allegiance

I love that they still say the Pledge and celebrate what this country is all about.


We have excellent teachers at Colbert and this is amazing!

Learning Opportunities

Languages/sign language

My kids would love to learn a language. Just an introduction class. These kids are so smart and soak stuff in.

Computer abilities

Computer skills are a must for most jobs these days, and it would be great to see the kids learn what a computer is made of, what the internet is, and how to best utilize these tools.

Extracurricular STEM

I would like to see more extracurricular STEM offerings for our students. District 81 has coding clubs, Lego robotics, 3-D printing, etc. In Mead, we have...? Our students shouldn't have to qualify for Quest to regularly participate in STEM activities that will make them competitive.

The arts

Art and theater are sometimes the only way children learn how to express themselves and balance emotions. These areas should not be overlooked as an important part of ALL children's education. Hiring professional and competent art and theater teachers would create a balance in their education.

Service opportunities

It would be cool if kids could have very real hands-on learning involved with serving opportunities. Service allows us all to recognize we are blessed and put other's needs before ours. The opportunity for hands-on service in the community. Kids putting together toiletry kits or boxing up food.











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