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Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning

"Life skills. Teaching kids how to balance a checkbook, apply for a job, read a housing contract, basic life skills."


"We should offer foreign language in middle school, not just high school. Studies show that students who take foreign language starting in middle school are more confident and proficient than those who begin in high school and take the same courses. This is a missed opportunity for our students."


"Given the importance of computer science, it may be beneficial to offer an introductory computer coding class for those interested. My child is learning to code through various tools online, but I think there are benefits to learning how to code in classroom setting with group solving problems."


"Field trips and free after-school activities. I hear about opportunities at Midway for things like science club, or lego building, or art experiences. I would LOVE to see those things instituted at Shiloh. Some free activities that maybe happen once a week, would enhance science, math or social studies learning."

Vocational Learning

"Vocational and non-college career tracks. Not every student will go to college. We need to provide career paths in vocational areas with high needs such as construction, service industries, etc. Accept the fact that college is not a requirement to be successful in life."