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Your Concerns About Learning Opportunities

Testing vs. Learning

"I think our kids are over tested. They should be applying more knowledge to hands-on aspects instead of going through so much testing. I personally think it is a waste of their time and the teachers'."


"I've mostly been satisfied with current learning opportunities. At times, I question the emphasis STEM receives in schools and the media because I would like my son to learn a range of subjects, not just ones that will make him employable. A liberal arts education would help him develop an eclectic point of view in life and show him more of the world."


"Students need a variety of elective options. I would like to see options for specific languages (i.e. Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, etc). Typing classes and even home economics-type classes to teach cooking, sewing, etc. should be offered for life skills kinds of activities."


"Students need basics before they jump into "big picture" thinking. Despite what common core would like us to believe, the correct answer does matter. Kids today are being taught that if they can defend their answer (right or wrong) it deserves full-credit. The truth is, employers don't care what method you use, but they do care about results that are correct."

Advanced Learning Opportunities

"Stronger commitment to students who are highly capable. We need a stronger GATE program as a district. The Quest pull-out program causes students to miss class and does not provide enough time. With eight elementary schools there are enough highly capable students to have a self-contained program."