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Things to Improve


"Better communication. It would be nice to get an email with upcoming events. Such as: activities at the school, donuts with Dad etc., when a sport will be starting and what the student needs to do to participate, etc."

Testing vs. Learning

"Continue to focus on the students. The school systems as a whole tend to focus on standardized tests, instead of focusing on the best education for the students. Our students need to have an education that focuses more on advancements in science, mathematics, and technology."

Experiential and Vocational Learning

"Emphasize "real-world" skills. Young people need to learn how to navigate in the modern world of employment, communicating with others, and personal finance. More integration of these topics and experiences in middle-school and high-school so students are equipped with some practical tools for navigating our modern world."

Parent and Community Involvement

"Overview of the curriculum for the year. Parents need to know what they are going to be working on, before....not after they do it. We also need resources to go to so we can learn it ourselves, if needed, and be able to work with our kids. Elementary School foundation is important for overall success."

Enrichment Programs

"Having foreign language studies in younger grades. Study after study suggests that learning a second language while young has numerable positive returns for the brain, the child's awareness, for society. Even a small amount of exposure could go a long way. Let's begin in kindergarten!"