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You Appreciate About Learning Opportunities

Teachers and Staff

"My children have had really wonderful teachers who are dedicated, prepared, and caring."


"I like that the district has been working to bring technology to every classroom and give the kids more opportunities to use it since it will be a huge part of their lives as adults."


"I believe the engineering classes offered are excellent exposure to STEM. The best paying jobs of today and the future require STEM. Early exposure to how science and math contribute to technological advancements and employment opportunities gives kids more reason to take these type of classes. Kids need to understand how they can apply their learned skills."


"After school sports for 5-6 grade - I appreciate the low-cost of after school sports programs. I hope in the future some could be considered in the arts area for kids that have interest."

Differentiated Learning

"I like that kids get broken up into small groups for math and reading. I like this because it gives kids who don't do well in big groups more one on one attention and a more focused opportunity to learn skills."