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Things People Appreciate

Teachers and Staff

"Loving and caring teachers. The teachers really love and care about students and want them to succeed."

Leadership and Management

"I like that you can always find, see, and/or be greeted by our Principal. The position of Principal represents the Head of the school and ours is always approachable and happy about it."


"I appreciate the teachers responding to emails or concerns. Every time I have ever emailed a teacher or coach for information they have always responded quickly and were very nice and helpful. That is great and I appreciate it."

School Environment

"School pride. The whole community of staff, students, and parents show pride in the school district. That supports the foundation that education is important and encourages our youth to excel in whatever excites them."


"Offering specialty programs after school such as "extreme science".  After school programs, such as this, expand a child's ability to learn more in a specialized curriculum. Allowing a "deeper dive" into subjects that a teacher does not have time to cover in great depth is great exposure for my child. I would love to see more of these offerings outsourced in subjects."